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Terms & Conditions for “ANGUKIA CHAPAA”


The following terms & conditions apply to the “ANGUKIA CHAPAA” promotion. By participating in this promotion, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions.



  1. The promotion is open to persons who are 18 years of age and above.
  2. The promotion is open to all subscribers of pre-pay and post-pay mobile tariffs.


Promotion Duration

  1. The promotion will run for 90 days.



  1. Participation of this competition is through Short Message Service (SMS) short code.
  2. Participants shall register to participate in the prize competition by sending an SMS to the short code “29009” with the word START.
  3. Participants can send the word "STOP" to opt out of the competition
  4. The Participant will be prompted to select the language, either English or Swahili.
  5. The Participant will need to confirm that they are over 18 years of age to participate.
  6. The Participant will answer 3 simple questions which must be replied to with a single digit 1 or 2 only.
  7. The Participant earns points and is entered into a draw to win hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or the grand prize.
  8. This is a Premium Rate Service and SMS sent to the short code “29009” will be charged at 19. The responses back to the Participant will not be charged.
  9. Winners will receive communication of their prizes the following day from ““ANGUKIA CHAPAA””.
  10. All weekly, monthly and grand prize winners will collect their prizes from Nation Media Group offices at 1st Floor, Nation Centre and Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya.
  11. The more one participates, the more chances to win. There is no restriction to the number of lines that you can enter into the Promotion. The lines MUST be yours.
  12. There will be hourly winners, weekly draws, monthly draws and a grand draw.
  13. Hourly winners will be notified through telephone numbers 0207652828 or 0207652929.
  14. Daily, weekly, monthly and grand prize will be notified through telephone number 0711129009.
  15. All issues can be raised through our customer care/help line numbers 0207652828 or 0207652929.



  1. By participating in the promotion you stand to win the prizes shown:


No. of winners

Prizes being won/prize description



·        Hourly Draw Kshs. 2,900

·        Speed Draw Kshs. 2,900



Kshs. 75,000



Kshs. 1,000,000



Kshs. 5,000,000

Grand Draw


Kshs. 30,000,000



Selection and Notification of Winners

  1. Winners will be determined by random computer selection in the presence of Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) and Ernst & Young LLP (EY) officials.
  2. Any decisions made on the winner by BCLB and EY shall be final and binding.
  3. EY, NMG and BCLB may select additional reserve winners to replace any winners of any of the prizes who are subsequently disqualified.
  4. Draws will be conducted at such a time as may be agreed by BCLB and EY.
  5. The grand draw will include all entries.



Other terms and conditions

  1. NMG employees, NMG Key Accounts, EY, BCLB and any other supplier or third party directly involved with the facilitation of this promotion and their immediate families and dependents shall not be eligible to participate in this Promotion. Each prize winner will be required to declare or affirm in the Form of Discharge that they do not belong to any of the restricted groups of persons.
  2. If you are selected as the winner of a prize and notified accordingly and you do not claim the prize within a period of 3 months from the end date or termination of the promotion, you will be deemed to have forfeited the same. All unclaimed prizes will be surrendered to the BCLB.
  3. Prizes cannot be substituted for any other alternative item.
  4. Prizes are not transferable.
  5. By accepting the prize, you will be deemed to have granted NMG the right to use and publish your name and picture in such media as NMG may choose (including but not limited to the internet) for advertising and promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  6. The promotion is subject to the provisions of the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act (CAP 131) Laws of Kenya and any disputes arising shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the ACT.
  7. NMG in consultation with BCLB & EY reserves the right to suspend or terminate the promotion or amend these terms and conditions at any time.

CAUTION: NMG does not require subscribers to send airtime, money or other consideration in order to award any of the promotion prizes and will not be liable for any losses or other damage incurred by subscribers who do not heed this caution.




  1. Participants shall be solely responsible for the content keyed into each SMS sent in connection with ““ANGUKIA CHAPAA”” and NMG shall not be liable whatsoever in relation to each SMS erroneously sent to the short code “29009”, and NMG shall not be liable in any manner in relation to each SMS sent in error or by mistake by the Participant in connection with the ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’.
  2. NMG shall not be liable to the Participant for any failure, error or delay in receipt or sending of any SMS if the failure, error or delay is due to the break down or outage of the mobile network services suffered by any of the mobile network providers in Kenya.
  3. NMG shall not be under any liability to a Participant for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to the following:
  4. Any payment of prize made to a person pursuant to Section I whom the participant alleges to be the wrong person;
  5. Reliance upon any omission, inaccurate information or statement concerning any matter whatsoever relating to the participant or to NMG or any other matter whatsoever; unless such liability is caused by the willful act or default of
  6. In no event shall NMG be liable to the Participant for lost profits or any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or other loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever arising out of or in connection with the competition.
  7. NMG shall not be liable in any way to the Participant in the event of force majeure, or for any act of God, or for the act of any Government or legal authority, or for the act of any third party, or for the failure of or damage or destruction to, any computer systems, data, records or any part thereof, or for delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from the failure or management of any telecommunications systems or for failure, breakdown, interruption or malfunctioning of any computer hardware or software or internet or other communications media, or for any delay, interruption or failure in the performance of its services herein, including but not limited to, situations caused by poor transmission or interference in the transmission of instructions.




  1. These Terms and Conditions shall, be the terms and conditions governing the contract between NMG and the Participant.
  2. NMG reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time subject to consultation and approval from BCLB.
  3. All updated Terms and Conditions will be available for inspection at the ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ Website. It is the responsibility of the Participant to check these Terms and Conditions. The Participant’s continued participation in ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ shall be deemed to be the Participant’s acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions.
  4. If the administration, security, fairness, integrity and/or proper conduct of ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ is affected and ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ is not able to be carried out due to any of the reasons set out, NMG reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ subject to the approval of the relevant authorities.
  5. NMG has the right to disqualify and/or blacklist any Participant found tampering with the entry and registration process and/or breaching any of these Terms & Conditions.
  6. All disputes not specifically covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be dealt with by NMG whose decision thereon shall be final and conclusive.
  7. All payments made under these Terms and Conditions shall be in Kenyan Shillings.
  8. All information, content and materials displayed on or used in connection with ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ and on ‘“ANGUKIA CHAPAA”’ Website, including all text, articles, editorials, advertising, images, photographs, audio, video, computer code and software (collectively, the ‘Content’), is the property of NMG and its licensors. Save as permitted under the law and/or with the written permission of NMG, no one shall reproduce, publish, display, adapt, perform, cause to be seen or heard in public, broadcast, and communicate to the public and/or otherwise deal in the Content by any means and/or in any media.
  9. In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and any terms and conditions printed or displayed on any marketing materials published or broadcast in any media (such as but not limited to the Internet, television, radio, newspaper, magazines etc.), relating to the competition, the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall prevail. In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and any terms and conditions stated in any SMS sent by NMG to the Participant, the terms contained in the Terms & Conditions herein shall prevail.
  10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Kenya.
  11. A person, who is not a party to this contract between the Participant and NMG under these Terms and Conditions, shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties).
  12. If any term or provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.
  13. The failure by NMG to enforce at any time the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or any rights in respect thereto shall in no way be considered to be a waiver of such provisions or rights, or in any way affect the validity of these Terms and Conditions.